Black Everything Beach

One of the latest "la beach" model is the darkest we build yet, black everything.

It features the new aluminum fenders we will start to introduce shortly into the "la beach" DIY kits too, this time painted in black but we offer them into the online store in a lightly brushed raw aluminum color.

Speedball : Final Stage

After a long time with us, we did start this project again and this time we are determined to finish this build in a very short time. In few we'll post the finished bike pictures and all the info about the job we did on it.

The donor a Keeway RKS 125.


There are already a few Trackers done and few to come, see how are the latests to go out of the shop, Metal tank with Black stripe and Matte Black tank with "Western" Brown seat.

Karion RT2

One more Hyosung Karion came up to the shop, and that's the result, it took a bit more time than expected because we had a lot of surprises when we strip all plastic layers of the donor bike, but after the effort, we can say that had a lot of fun and we are very proud too of the final look and performance of this tiny 4 Valve engine motorcycle.

Z2-X2 Version

Z2 for two, that's what the costumer wanted, he ask for a seat like the original Zipper and with a optional passenger seat, the rest is pretty much as the original Z2 but with trimmed handle risers to give a compact sense in the front and a reinforced rear frame to support the weight of a extra human being.

Full Metal Tracker

Metal & Black, with no fancy lines and full metal tank, this Tracker 125 is a machine that gives sense to the sentence, less in more.

Ciao Tracker

The Tracker we show you this time has a destination, and its to the boot shaped country. It features a custom tank lines with red accent and black in contrast with the raw metal.

Golden Beach
Everything is perfect, A livers paradise, With the golden sand and sun, With the cool water, And these wonderful golden beaches
— Jessica Millsaps
Black Celebration

Sometimes you get more proud to others about the job you're done, this is the what happened to us with that Tracker.

There is no two equal bikes to endure the city.

La Beach

One of the latest "la beach" its set with white satin finish tank, and brown seat as well as the coke shaped grips on the bar, in addition the costumer ask us to keep the original rear-rack. We hope you'll like this set-up as much as we enjoyed doing it! 

Commissioned Tracker

This commissioned Tracker 125 goes out of the country, the costumer ask us wrap the pipe in black and paint the tank in that special deep blue color, we hope he will enjoy it as much as we did working on it. And you, do not hesitate to ask and see what we can do for you.

See under some pictures of the process and the final product.

Born Ride Day

Nice weather has come in this winter weekend , so we "finished" this custom made rough tracker in a rush and take it out to make some ride with it. Pretty noisy and pretty comfortable instead of you might think with its steel bended saddle. Xavi says it handles perfectly and the tires give to him a lot of confident in corners, even in the very hard dry sand tracks.

In the other hand we think this bike ain't finish yet and we think it will never be. A truly fun machine that we will not hesitate to take it out again if we have the chance.


Born Motor Co. - The Tracker - commissioned tracker with the same color configuration of the one shown on the site, plus a bit shorter tail work and re-designed seat pad.

The Tracker Build

One more Tracker is about to leave our warehouse, just few adjustments left, build the saddle and set up the exhaust is what it needs, its just about time to finish the bike, in the other side we can't hold anymore to show you some pictures of how it has been the process, we'll hope you like them!. 

BORN Karion 125

We got a message asking to make something similar of the Tracker and mixed with some bits of la beach, taking as donor the Hyosung Karion 125. After receive the motorcycle it started the job, we have never seen or put own hands into a Karion and some issues start to appear after take off all the plastic covers, for example, the weird frame forms that we had to re-build in order to get the correct balance we'd like to reach, we tried to get a rough, strong and square look in the whole bike, sharp and aggressive. 

Below those words you can see some of the transformation process.

Commissioned Karion

We are doing a commissioned work and we are enjoying as never before doing it, we can't wait for final result more than its owner, the feeling that we have at this point is sick, the donor bike is a hurly burly wheel Hyosung Karion 125. The costumer send it from Italy and ask us to build some tracker style with it.

Enjoy the process, more pictures will be post here soon.

La Beach

The first bike from BORN MOTOR CO, "LA BEACH" Its a bike with striking line and Hurly Burly wheels …a beefy 14inch 180 in the rear and an 18 inch 130 up front that set the exclusive nature of this motorcycle, with particular emphasis on the rear wheel for its great width!. In addition Its low seat makes it comfortable and easy to ride. Minimal look for this 125cc single cylinder bike, both metal fenders and LED brake light.

The bike will cost 2.990EUR tax included and few units will be available very very soon!, for more info or where to buy?, please contact.