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The Rebel Build
Honda Rebel

The Honda Rebel its getting ready, we just need a few more days to assemble everything up and get the bike ready, its just that we cant hold to show you some pictures yet, its has been a full tune up of this little Honda and we think the results will amaze any enthusiast.

Rally Tracker

We are just making the final retouches of the upcoming new buid, the RALLY, a variation taken from the Tracker with highly worked sub-frame and bigger tank for longer crossings, major front fender for better mud protection in the dirt.

Soon we'll post more picture of the final result into this website and usual channels.

Honda Rebel

A couple of weeks ago came to the shop a little Honda Rebel 250 and we did start to play with it, so now we'd like to share with you some pictures of the modification process it had suffered 'till now!, still much to do tho'.

Speedball : Final Stage

After a long time with us, we did start this project again and this time we are determined to finish this build in a very short time. In few we'll post the finished bike pictures and all the info about the job we did on it.

The donor a Keeway RKS 125.

Parking 64

Last Sunday we had the chance to bring the unfinished Blondhouse to the Parking 64 exhibit and we didn't miss the opportunity to spend good time with friends and enjoy staring at plenty of good machines. The event was in "Poble Espanyol", a wonderful sorroundings in Barcelona, so, we do really recommend to come next time if you have a chance!.

Sketching the Karion

We present a rush sketch of what will be the Karion we are building this days, thinking about the side cover, seat and muffler, checking how it will look in a whole pack, the costumer said yes!.  

Yes!, its OPEN

Its official, the new Headquarters location and store its Open and fully operative. The doors will Open to public every day from Monday to Saturday, from 16:00 to 20:00.

Opening Countdown

We're proud to announce that opening countdown has started and we'll open doors of the BORN 2.0 next Saturday 8 of August, new BORN headquarters and shop office are located in Calella, Sant Jaume 409, (Ctra NII).

Bikes, music and friends, save the date 'cause you're invited Pass by and join us.

Event Link

K100 partial job

It's been a while since we help a friend to customize its BMW K100 making him a subframe and side covers for its ride, in this partial job we also add a couple of our dual brake lights/indicator combo. He has got the job pretty advanced, now you can see in the pics of what we did and how it looks the bike while Albert kick's the road.

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Under Construction - Blond House

A commissioned work has come into our workshop and a new bike is under construction, this time the donor is a Daytona 350, a popular sport-cruiser bike from Leonart, a Barcelona based company.

We had pretty much decide what tank to use even before got the bike into the shop, and for volume and lines we guess the intuition was right this time, we think it fit's perfect to the hand made sub-frame. Lot's of work yet to do though. We will show more process pictures and info soon.

Ciao Tracker

The Tracker we show you this time has a destination, and its to the boot shaped country. It features a custom tank lines with red accent and black in contrast with the raw metal.

Z2 Build

Now that we started a new Z2 its time to get a sneak pick of how it was the build of the very first one.

Mulafest 2015
On Days Like These

Meaningful motorcycle exhibition. 

Space for creators, Motorcycle thinkers and dreamers.

Invitational exhibition which shows the work of the leading independent manufacturers of motorcycles, cafe racer, tracker, brat, scrambler and related lifestyle.

Save the date!.

Born Ride Day

Nice weather has come in this winter weekend , so we "finished" this custom made rough tracker in a rush and take it out to make some ride with it. Pretty noisy and pretty comfortable instead of you might think with its steel bended saddle. Xavi says it handles perfectly and the tires give to him a lot of confident in corners, even in the very hard dry sand tracks.

In the other hand we think this bike ain't finish yet and we think it will never be. A truly fun machine that we will not hesitate to take it out again if we have the chance.

The Tracker Build

One more Tracker is about to leave our warehouse, just few adjustments left, build the saddle and set up the exhaust is what it needs, its just about time to finish the bike, in the other side we can't hold anymore to show you some pictures of how it has been the process, we'll hope you like them!. 


Since few weeks we are making a intense work of what will be our next bike, a small single with 125cc displacement. Well balanced yet small motorcycle specially shaped for young commuters that want to get into the coffee race reign with style and budget. Straight to the heart please!.

More info will be revealed soon, stay tuned.

Commissioned Karion

We are doing a commissioned work and we are enjoying as never before doing it, we can't wait for final result more than its owner, the feeling that we have at this point is sick, the donor bike is a hurly burly wheel Hyosung Karion 125. The costumer send it from Italy and ask us to build some tracker style with it.

Enjoy the process, more pictures will be post here soon.