Day Out

Nice weather is showing up, so perfect time for a fun ride with the just finished Yamaha SR 250 "miss co", definitely those tires holds whatever you throw on them. Constance did the style while Manel did the wild!.


Again a Suzuki RV125 Vanvan made in combination of the Essence Kit and some universal parts of our catalogue this simple modification manifests that with just a few parts its possible to reach a look that embodies lightness and minimal. The accentuated original side covers of the bike painted in yellow just as the corporation color of Suzuki and the stripped apart tank as many builds of this house makes the final touch on this little.

Now a Kit that don't need to change the original fuel tank, a seat that matches with the repositioned tank (brackets included) will make much easier to modify you bike in a simple and minimal way, this saddle is created to match both tank and original covers without giving a impression of a imposted look, in addition we create a special brackets that will move the tank this little something that makes a lot.

Deep Blue Tracker

A bunch of feelings come along when you know its the last time of something, sadness for the end and happiness for the work and goals accomplished, this is the end for this limited series of 30 Tracker, time to stare the past and see all we have learned, knowledge that for sure we'll use into our future projects.

Thank all the riders that trust in us!

Black Beach RV125

We did install this Beach Kit to a new Suzuki RV125 VanVan, the result looks very cool with the new seat shape, more integrated in the rear fender and tank.

Wes Lang for Evil Spirit Engineering
SAD BUNNY - Evil Spirit Engineering

SAD BUNNY - Evil Spirit Engineering

Wes Lang, who was employed at a tattoo shop in his youth, draws from a range of influences and sources for his practice, including Philip Guston, Martin Kippenberger, and Cy Twombly. His works are gatherings and reconfigurations of American imagery and iconography, commonly featuring flags, skulls, cowboys, and eagles. He also incorporates clippings of found images from newspapers and pornographic magazines in his work

What we present here is a collaboration of the artist with the California Garage, Evil Spirit Engineering and its creation the SAD BUNNY.

Working on Kits

We are working on a New Kit for Suzuki Vanvan, this time more simple and affordable that will keep the original tank on the mod so you'll save lots of time installing and less pain moving the injection unit, the Kit will come with reposition brackets for the original tank to make the bike look more straight instead of the original falling down tank, a thinner seat and rear fender, check out the teaser pics.

More info about this new kit soon!.

The Last New Tracker

The bike we present here is already in the paint shop and in a few days we'll deliver to its owner.

What is special to this bike its that is the very last New Tracker we built, we have to think forward and don't fall to the mistake of handle to the past, it has been fun and we learned a lot but the way to move forward its closing stages and create new goals.

New tracker in Raw

One more tracker will hit the roads this christmas, this time with raw metal finish tank and black, we are making an extra saddle for this one with western brown seat upholster in case the costumer wants to change the mood of the bike in a bit.

BORNscrambler, new trackerComment
Before RV 125

Sometimes the donor look like we can't do anything else for it, but we believe we're gonna make this Suzuki VanVan almost unrecognizable, We're gonna install a beach kit plus some other optional parts as details. stay tuned because we're almost there, the wait won't be long.

Every machine deserves a second chance.

Parking 64

One of the coolest events for all two wheels lovers, the 2nd edition of Parking 64 its next weekend, (October 22 and 23) we'll be exposing our latest build the XS400 at the top the Arena's (Barcelona). An event will be loaded with exclusive creations and suitable only for discerning tastes.

XS400 Progress Announcement

We've been working time to time in this personal project, now that we have everything pretty much shaped we'd like to share again with you some photos of what's been going on.

Subframe hoop has been welded, cutom made metal seat pan has been shaped to fit all the electronics and the tail light, also a couple of side covers has been made plus some other parts you can see in the following pictures.

Stay tuned to see the final result, won't be so long!.

BORN NEWSBORNyamaha, XS400Comment
N Tracker

New bike is on the hip and its a scrambler, actually a newer version of the Tracker model this time with more aggressive look and refreshed design with better ergonomics, clean and rider-focused character, it features a Supertrapp exhaust as usual in our multi-terrain commuter machines and better stance in general.

Mondo Enduro
44000 MILES IN 440 DAYS
The Longest Possible Land Route in the Shortest Possible Time

This trip has assumed a life of its own. Not particularly noteworthy on paper it, by chance, featured several interesting features that together, would go to make it one of the better known of the thousands of round-the-world trips of the last fifty years. These were:

  • It was the first recorded crossing of the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia and Siberia making Mondo the first Europeans to reach Magadan post collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • The first attempt on the Zilov Gap (a name coined by the Mondo Team).
  • The full length of the American and African continents subsequent to the USSR making for a very long trip in 440 days.
  • Unprecedented use of small (350cc) dirt-bikes for a 40,000 mile journey
  • Unsponsored and unsupported. All team members quite definitely 'members of the public' with no expedition experience.
  • Filmed on the brand new broadcast quality Hi8 format allowing a viable TV documentary to be made. However, super 8 heavily used which was relatively unusual.
  • Ultra detailed diaries were recorded, a truly unique resource.
  • Almost the last of the big trips that pre-dated mobile phones and the internet making for a quaint, almost 1970s level of technical support.
Surf Trip: Chile to Cali in 125cc Motorcycles

Tom Bing and Sally McGee's are traveling from Santiago (Chile) to California (USA), only with motorcycles of 125cc displacements, surfboards and their own company. In this passionate journey, the couple will lead twelve countries and more than 24.000 kilometers along the coast whenever possible.

The couple began this surftrip in October 2015, motivated by "the spirit of adventure, the sense of liberation to be away from everything and love for nature and the sea." They dissatisfied with the daily routine, sold all their belongings, rented their small apartment in Tynemouth (England) and flew to Santiago.

Inspired by a six-week trip to Indonesia with 90cc moped, they decided to sail along the coasts and roads located between Santiago and San Francisco and planned to reach its final destination in one year.

If you want to monitor the progress of these young people and learn more about your trip, visit his blog The West Road.

In addition, Northcore is following this trip as small videos. If you want to enjoy the rest of the stops, you can do it on vimeo.


Development is well underway on bringing the incredible life story of the cheeky, charismatic charmer Barry Sheene to the silver screen. Universally loved, Sheene was many things A a cockney rebel who always did things his way, a playboy who loved life in the fast lane, and a champion who became an icon. His legacy though was to cheat death twice and win two world championships while fighting the authorities and changing the destiny of the most deadly sport in the world.

SHEENE is a narrative bio-pic feature movie. Whilst on their research travels, the Producers have met with and interviewed some of the biggest names ever to be involved in Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Here's what a few of them have to say about Barry, and why he became one of the most loved and revered champions of all time.

Ice-Bike, Mountaintop riding on a frozen lake!

Filmed Winter 2015 near Mt. Mason, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Bill Hitchon ridding his monster machine, Suzuki Boulevard on top of a frozen mountain lake at 5000'.

Bill is a former ice racer who owns his own custom motorcycle shop in Richmond, BC. He built this bike for a movie called "Dead Rising, Watchtower" that filmed in Vancouver.

The bike took 880 hex head screws in the back tire to be able to ride on the ice and about 250 screws in the front tire. The bike has a ATV tire on the rear and a KTM front end, which lightened it by about 250lbs, making slinging it to the mountain possible.

Only Black

We rebuild a used bike to turn it into a Tracker. The result its pretty good and the dark marks on the used exhaust it gives some personality.

Green Beach: Suzuki Van Van 125

He're is comes the original Suzuki Van Van 125 with one of the Beach Kits installed, this time the costumer ask for a green olive matte finish including to colorize the fenders, we are not much like green color but we can paint it if you really want it... no problem... at all...

as always we hope you like it and enjoy!