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The Z2 is a elegant custom build and a street legal version of its sis “the zipper”, its a sprightly commuter bike with unique style and excellent handling capabilities.

In order to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter from the bike, BORN completely tore down the Leonart Raptor. Redesign the subframe, added new tires fenders and tank, the Z2 with its attractive style grabs the attention of everyone from anywhere it goes.

Its last generation 125cc twin parallel engine has been improved from its past versions and runs powerful and smooth as ever.


  • Rear seat frame rebuild
  • Hand made, waterproof seat with custom color stitch
  • Bodywork, Tank and fenders.
  • Pirelli Route tires
  • License plate relocation
  • New, Handlebar, grips, speedo
  • Paintwork, Body and Rims.
  • plus lighting and new electrical wiring.

  • Price: Enquire
  • Status: New Euro IV limited edition version available this summer.