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Mondo Enduro
44000 MILES IN 440 DAYS
The Longest Possible Land Route in the Shortest Possible Time

This trip has assumed a life of its own. Not particularly noteworthy on paper it, by chance, featured several interesting features that together, would go to make it one of the better known of the thousands of round-the-world trips of the last fifty years. These were:

  • It was the first recorded crossing of the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia and Siberia making Mondo the first Europeans to reach Magadan post collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • The first attempt on the Zilov Gap (a name coined by the Mondo Team).
  • The full length of the American and African continents subsequent to the USSR making for a very long trip in 440 days.
  • Unprecedented use of small (350cc) dirt-bikes for a 40,000 mile journey
  • Unsponsored and unsupported. All team members quite definitely 'members of the public' with no expedition experience.
  • Filmed on the brand new broadcast quality Hi8 format allowing a viable TV documentary to be made. However, super 8 heavily used which was relatively unusual.
  • Ultra detailed diaries were recorded, a truly unique resource.
  • Almost the last of the big trips that pre-dated mobile phones and the internet making for a quaint, almost 1970s level of technical support.
Surf Trip: Chile to Cali in 125cc Motorcycles

Tom Bing and Sally McGee's are traveling from Santiago (Chile) to California (USA), only with motorcycles of 125cc displacements, surfboards and their own company. In this passionate journey, the couple will lead twelve countries and more than 24.000 kilometers along the coast whenever possible.

The couple began this surftrip in October 2015, motivated by "the spirit of adventure, the sense of liberation to be away from everything and love for nature and the sea." They dissatisfied with the daily routine, sold all their belongings, rented their small apartment in Tynemouth (England) and flew to Santiago.

Inspired by a six-week trip to Indonesia with 90cc moped, they decided to sail along the coasts and roads located between Santiago and San Francisco and planned to reach its final destination in one year.

If you want to monitor the progress of these young people and learn more about your trip, visit his blog The West Road.

In addition, Northcore is following this trip as small videos. If you want to enjoy the rest of the stops, you can do it on vimeo.

Why I Ride - Francie

After Passion at Work, comes the second episode of Why I Ride, this time featured by Leslie and her bike, Francie.

Growing up in a family of riders, it was natural that Leslie would have a "desire to get on the road." As a designer living in New York, Leslie is always in search of a chance to get on the road.

Despite the fact that riding's often seen as a "masculine thing," Leslie's love of bikes and the freedom of the road have remained since childhood. "I just want to do things because they are worth doing," she explains. Riding is her way to connect with herself, let go of insecurities, and rediscover what's important in life.

There's something really, really romantic about the connection with your motorcycle …" Leslie's Harley, Francie (named after her grandma) is the bike that changed her perspective on riding. Francie helps Leslie escape the pressures and responsibilities of the city and find "a place of happiness.

I’m the one making the road, drawing the map. See where the road takes.
— Leslie (and her Harley®, Francie)

anyone even slightly familiar with UNIMOTO?

Unimoto are more or less the sort of thing that goes anywhere and almost never right, motorcycles without front wheel where the driver is placed after the single wheel of the bike full swinging their bodies to Channel the energy in the right direction. Once again, the fans of Unicycle motor crews gather near Samara to determine the best, But it seems are not for trophy cups that people are going to such events.

10th International Winter motorcycle rally "SNOWDOGS" this time took place in the immediate vicinity of annular ice road "Samara -ring".

It's pretty crazy when riding without front wheel, so it would not be possible for drivers to have to do more to accelerate and control their unimotos in a straight line. It seems that they knew little, so why keep it simple and do a little snow ...

Himalayan 4,500km Adventure

A story of a motocross racer who takes his less than experienced father on an incredible journey through the Himalayas.

Adam Riemann captures never before seen footage, riding cliff-edge trails through India's military stronghold and surviving monsoon floods in the mountains of Nepal

Attention!, everything ride with a 150cc motorcycle!. 

C90 Adventure

This guy just rode his Honda C90 for 14,500 miles and 8 months armed with only a smile, a camera and according to him no-one to tell his what a stupid idea was.

You can buy the full movie following this link