Lindo Killer

To know what is LINDO KILLER you can read below how they define themselves, and if you want to see for the very first time how the Scrambler from BORN will look, save the dates and drop us a visit at the up coming show "one of a kind" from July 7th to 11th, 2014 at galley Mitte Barcelona, we'll share billboard with a bunch of artists and creators.

"LINDO KILLER, since 2002. Wearable and rideable art, One of a kind forever. Art you can wear. Art you can ride on. Art you can afford.

It can be a painted canvas, it can be a T-shirt or a shoe. It can be a pair of sunglasses or a skateboard. It can be a motorcycle or a dress, or a neckless. It can be anything we believe will make you look nicer, anything that will make you feel happier, that makes you get there with style, and will give you that extra spark of fun & uniqueness to get through the day.

We believe every single one of us is unique. So we create one of a kind art pieces you can wear or ride. All are one-off pieces, crafted one by one. Not two are alike, ever.

Against mass production and mass waste we understand and promote the quality craftmanship as a true art, and we are here to stay."