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K100 partial job

It's been a while since we help a friend to customize its BMW K100 making him a subframe and side covers for its ride, in this partial job we also add a couple of our dual brake lights/indicator combo. He has got the job pretty advanced, now you can see in the pics of what we did and how it looks the bike while Albert kick's the road.

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Why I Ride - Passion at Work

Why I Ride is a new series that’ll be released in relatively short 4 – 5 minute episodes online, this is the first episode in the series, it’s called “Passion at Work” and it’s set in San Francisco. It features Matthew Work who’s the founder of Piston & Chain Motorcycle Club.

The first time I felt that tire hook up on asphalt ... whoa.
— Matthew Work
BMW Concept Ninety: The Story

finished in daytona orange paintwork similar to the original R 90 S, brushed areas from the custom aluminum craftsmanship can be seen in the tinted areas of the front fairing and tank. contemporary LED elements light up the face of the bike honoring its ancestor with a round headlamp design. additional key highlights include the front cover of the engine the valve covers and exhaust system designed by sands, which are painstakingly milled using a contrast cut process; striking an alluring contrast to the black mechanical components. this technology was also applied to the rims, whose classic design recalls the racing triumphs.

'everything just fits together perfectly,' says edgar heinrich, head of BMW motorrad design. the BMW concept ninety is sheer enjoyment in every respect – from the development of the idea to the sketching stage to the construction process. but above all when you’re riding it. it’s an absolute riding machine – just like the R 90 S was in its time.'