Sportsman Flyer

About Sportsaman Flyer

"The “Sportsman Flyer Company” started not as a business, but as a hobby. I have built and collected cars and bicycles for years and have always wanted to add a Schwinn Whizzer motorized bicycle to my collection. While keeping my eyes open for just the right bike I started seeing motorized bicycles around with newer two stroke engines. I decided to build one and found a vintage Schwinn Panther frame to start with. This particular frame, commonly called a straight bar frame because of it's unique middle frame tube in the front triangle, is very similar in shape to early motorcycles." 

Bott XR1

Bottpower has a deep know-how acquired in Motogp, WSBK and the CEV (Spanish Championship), which is used to design and build concept motorbikes, from race prototypes to street legal motorbikes. From a single unit till short series. The BOTT XR1 is one of those examples.

This first XR1 has been customized with a lot of elements. The silencer instead of the original one they used a Torque Hammer which is smaller, lighter and improves the engine performance a little bit. Besides the silencer, the front fork and 8 pistons brake caliper are from a Buell 1125. Front master cylinder and clutch lever are from ISR (including the push buttons). The bike aslo has a Motogadget display, and an Easton handlebar. Rear shock is an Öhlins from the Buell 1125 race kit.

Both the chassis and the subframe have been clear coated in such a way that you can see the welding cordons. 

Chanel Motorcycle

For all the fashionistas out there it doesn't sound like there are any plans to put this into production. If you want to know the real history about this bike follow the link to a Triton café racer Toulouse, France - this beauty was for a photo shoot at Chanel's Rue Royale boutique in Paris.

chanel2 (1).jpg
Live Fast / Ride Slow

Moped is a motorcycle international culture, in fact, although the imagination of the average one has in mind the moped mainly for home production, of which many models more or less prevalent filled the streets of our cities.

Moped culture, which, however, concerns not only the means but also those who ride with a proper look (and here imagination has no limits) but he charges quite defined.

Then in the nineties came the most comfortable, high-performance, versatile and rational scooter, and then motorcycles almost gone for a few years being considered to be obsolete.

In recent years, there is instead a rediscovery of those mopeds, popular primarily because considered synonymous with style of those years, however, more lively, sincere and Spartans of the scooter. In a word, to put it to us, the moped shall Born.

The video accompanying this article applies Moped culture, where, in some cases exaggerated like this, Moped becomes a real lifestyle and are taken from the site Nicolas Davenel able to express as they could the spirit of these groups without age.