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Rusty SR 250

Probably one of the most challenging proposals that came to our hands, and for sure the worst looking "before". Will be hard to recover that little SR 250 but we trust inside this large amount of crap there is something that should bright, somehow, it will be hard but we're gonna find out.

New tracker in Raw

One more tracker will hit the roads this christmas, this time with raw metal finish tank and black, we are making an extra saddle for this one with western brown seat upholster in case the costumer wants to change the mood of the bike in a bit.

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N Tracker

New bike is on the hip and its a scrambler, actually a newer version of the Tracker model this time with more aggressive look and refreshed design with better ergonomics, clean and rider-focused character, it features a Supertrapp exhaust as usual in our multi-terrain commuter machines and better stance in general.

Metal Tracker

We're happy to present you our latest bike we did, this time we where ask as request if possible to make as much parts in metal that usual without get apart from the powerful look of the Tracker, so here's the result, hope you like it!.

Black Everything Beach

One of the latest "la beach" model is the darkest we build yet, black everything.

It features the new aluminum fenders we will start to introduce shortly into the "la beach" DIY kits too, this time painted in black but we offer them into the online store in a lightly brushed raw aluminum color.


There are already a few Trackers done and few to come, see how are the latests to go out of the shop, Metal tank with Black stripe and Matte Black tank with "Western" Brown seat.

Full Metal Tracker

Metal & Black, with no fancy lines and full metal tank, this Tracker 125 is a machine that gives sense to the sentence, less in more.

Ciao Tracker

The Tracker we show you this time has a destination, and its to the boot shaped country. It features a custom tank lines with red accent and black in contrast with the raw metal.

Commissioned Tracker

This commissioned Tracker 125 goes out of the country, the costumer ask us wrap the pipe in black and paint the tank in that special deep blue color, we hope he will enjoy it as much as we did working on it. And you, do not hesitate to ask and see what we can do for you.

See under some pictures of the process and the final product.


Born Motor Co. - The Tracker - commissioned tracker with the same color configuration of the one shown on the site, plus a bit shorter tail work and re-designed seat pad.

The Tracker Build

One more Tracker is about to leave our warehouse, just few adjustments left, build the saddle and set up the exhaust is what it needs, its just about time to finish the bike, in the other side we can't hold anymore to show you some pictures of how it has been the process, we'll hope you like them!. 


scene, Aftershock is a private event held in Sydney by the Sydney Cafe Racers. It is all about the laughter, cracked ribs, mate-ship, stupidity and friendly racing. A weekend of Mud, Bikes, Bands, Beers, Tents and Shenanigans.

Event by: Sydney Cafe Racers. Photos by: Pete Cagnacci. Music by: Sigur Rós.

KTM Project Process

We would like to share some pictures of the KTM motorcycle modification, the bike isn't finish yet but it starts look quite like the original sketch we had in mind a couple of month ago.